Whites Tree Frog Lifespan

White’s Tree Frogs: Its Lifespan


Do you own White’s tree frogs and wonder how long they can live? Then this post is for you! 


White tree frogs are fascinating amphibians who prefer warm temperatures. They are popular species of frogs who are known for their beautiful facial features, including their smiling mouth. They are also popular because of their beautiful pigmentation ranging from light blue to emerald green colors. 


In this article, we will learn the average lifespan of white tree frogs and what can we do to make them live longer.

How long can a White Tree frog live

White tree frogs have an average lifespan of 15 to 20 years. But there are reports of individual species living for a longer period. 


The most recent record for the lifespan of the White tree frog was 21 years. This animal is kept in captivity and in a suitable condition. By giving your bet the best possible care, they can last for a longer period of time.


A longer lifespan is true especially when the animal is held in captivity where there is no possibility of predation. In captivity, the threat of diseases is reduced because of a controlled environment. Hence, animals in human care tend to live longer than those animals in the wild.

How to make them live longer

To ensure that your white tree frog lives a long and healthy life, it is important to provide them with the proper care. This includes a well-conditioned enclosure, a nutritious diet or vet check-ups if necessary. 


It’s also significant to provide them with a suitable living condition as well as the right level of humidity, temperature and light requirement. 


A well-balanced diet is also necessary to make them healthy and live longer. In captivity, white tree frogs are usually fed with commercially prepared food or live insects. Some of the most recommended insect-feeder are crickets, roaches, mealworms and locusts and the same must be given in variety. 


If you want to feed your frog live insects, be sure that they are dusted with calcium powder to prevent metabolic bone disease. Feed your frog 2-3 times per week and offer as much food as they can eat for that time. 


Supplements may also be added to their food to bring them to optimal health. Insects can be gut-loaded with nutritious fruits and vegetables or other food having high nutritional value. Learn more about gut-loading on this link, what-is-gut-loading


Enclosures also need to be planned in order to make their home more interactive. It must be decorated as similarly as possible to their natural habitat. It must have plants, hides or climbing materials. You can also add a shallow water dish for your frog to soak in. Be sure to change the water daily and clean the dish often to prevent the growth of bacteria.  You can make them more active and interested in this way.


By giving your frog the best possible care and by following the tips mentioned above, you can be assured that your white tree frog live for a longer period of time.

Final Thoughts

White tree frogs are beautiful creatures and make wonderful pets for everybody. They can be your best friend or companion for a long period. Thus, it is necessary to provide them with clean and spacious enclosures, offer a variety of food items, give them access to fresh water, provide hiding places and set up the best possible condition for them to thrive.


By following the ideas tackled on this article, you can help live a long and healthy life. You can also keep them happy for years to come. 

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