Types of Ball Pythons

Are you fun of ball pythons or planning to collect more of the same kind? Don’t worry because we got you covered!


In this article, you will learn what are the different kinds of ball pythons as well as their distinct characteristics to give you enough information in deciding which one is best for you!


In general, ball pythons are famous in reptile-keeping not only because of their beauty and unique appearance. They are also docile,  easy to care for, and relatively small which makes them the best choice for snake owners. 


Furthermore, ball pythons are beautiful animals and they vary in patterns and colors you can choose from. They are also a good choice for beginners and seasoned handlers alike. 

Albino Ball Python

The Albino ball python is one of the most popular species in reptile keeping. Generally, they are characterized by their white bodies and reddish eyes. This is due to the fact that their body does not produce enough pigmentation. 


Despite their beauty and unique traits, these animals do not require special care or a higher level of handling. However, there are things that have to be observed in handling them. First, their eyes are relatively sensitive to light due to their condition. Hence, appropriate lighting is required.


Moreover, albino ball pythons are also expensive animals. Hence, extra care has to be observed if you’re planning to get one.


Pastel Ball Python

Pastel ball python is another popular type of this species. What is interesting about these animals is their vibrant patterns and their greenish eyes.  Some also have white lips. The unique marking on their bodies set them apart from the other species. Due also to the diversity of their colors, they are well sought by snake keepers.


This species is a very flexible animal and they are capable of adapting to different kinds of environments as long as their needs are being met. Just like the other types, Pastel Ball pythons are docile animals and they can be a good choice even for novice handlers. 

Piebald ball pythons

Piebald ball pythons are also fascinating species. This rare morph of a ball python is one of the wanna-be-list among snake enthusiast. 


Unlike other species, the markings and patterns of this snake are unique and can be unpigmented in some areas and with distinct patterns and mutations in some parts. They have large patches, which in some animals, almost cover their bodies.


This animal is truly one of the most unique-looking types of ball pythons.  Because of their nature, they require a special kind of care and handling. Hence not recommended for novice handlers. 


Leucistic Ball Python

Leucistic ball pythons are interesting pets as well. This fascinating morph is also in demand in reptile keeping. Particularly, they have recessive traits and they are rare species in this family.


Leucistic ball pythons are similar to albinos because they lack melanin pigment. However, unlike albinos who have red eyes, leucistic ball pythons have black eyes. 


Compared to the other types, leucistic ball pythons also have light colors without markings or patterns and this their bodies produce less amount of melanin. These snakes do not require special lighting and can be kept in a standard snake enclosure. They are also docile animals and suitable for beginners. 


Spider Ball Python 

Spider-ball pythons get their name from their spider-like markings. Their bodies are covered in black-and-white patterns, which gives them a spider-like appearance. Spider ball pythons are one of the more unique-looking types of ball python.


This species is recommended for beginners and seasoned handlers since they don’t need special kind of treatment. They are relatively docile and manageable. Most importantly, they do not pose aggressive behaviors. 

Scaleless Ball Python


Scaleless ball python is also a good choice.  This particular species is characterized by its lack of traditional scales which normally cover its body. Unlike other types, this snake has smooth skin. 


One of the advantages of having a scaleless ball pythons is the fact that they don’t have shedding issues. The other species of snakes shed their skin in one large piece. This may lead to problems like your snake not being able to shed its skin properly. With a scaleless ball python, there is no shedding issue because the skin comes off in small pieces. Another advantage is you don’t have to worry about mites attaching to their scales!


Coral Glow Ball Pythons

These snakes are a bright orange color and have yellowish skin. This animal will develop dark markings as they grow older. They are a relatively new morph and are very striking to look at.


This beautiful morph is advisable for beginners because they are easy to handle and does not require a large space to thrive. They are also more docile compared to other types of ball pythons.


Fire Ball Pythons

These non-venomous snakes are red with black spots. This animal is a new morph and is gradually gaining popularity in the reptile market today.


Final Thoughts

There are different types of ball pythons to choose from and each of them requires a specific type of handling in order to thrive. It is necessary to educate yourself about it so that you can have an informed decision about which animals will you have.


As mentioned above, all morphs are characterized by their unique colors and patterns as well as their behavior and needs. Hence, if you’re choosing a ball python, be sure to consider your own personal preferences as well as the snake’s needs. In this manner, you’ll be able to experience your desired pets without compromising their needs.

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