How Big Ball Pythons Can Get

How Big Ball Pythons Can Get

Are you thinking about the size of the enclosure for your ball python or wondering how big they get? Well, you should wonder no more! 


As an owner, you need to know how big they grow to ensure you can provide enough space to accommodate your phyton. In this article, you will know the relevant facts about their size and other information necessary to help them reach their potential growth.

Size of Ball Phyton

Ball pythons usually reach lengths of 3 to 5 feet as their full-grown size. However, there are some species that have been known to grow even larger. Based on current records, there are ball pythons reaching lengths of 6 feet or more! 


The length of your bally python will depend on different factors,  such as their gender and the specific subspecies. For an instance, female species are usually bigger than their male counterparts. Females generally reach the size of 3-5 feet long while males are 2 to 3 feet only.


Because of their size, most pet owners don’t have to worry about their pet outgrowing its enclosure since they are not as big as the other species of snake. Their size can also be managed by controlling their food intake. Consequently, if you feed your snake smaller meals more often, it will stay smaller and if you feed it large meals less often, it will grow larger. As a general rule of thumb, it’s best to feed your snake no more than once a week to prevent it from getting too big. 


How Fast Does Ball Python Grow?


Most ball pythons will reach their mature size in 3 years. However, it’s not unusual for some individuals to take a bit longer to reach their full size. The growth rates of ball pythons can be affected by different factors such as their health, living condition or amount of food intake.


Male ball pythons grow slower compared to females. Usually, female ball pythons grow at least 12 inches in a year while males in just about 8 inches.


Tips On How To Help Your Ball Python Grow Big and Healthy


These are some of the few things you can do to ensure your ball python grows to its potential size. 

1. Give your ball python a nutritious and well-balanced diet. 

One of the best ways to help your ball python grow big is to feed it a nutritious diet. Ball pythons should eat a diet of live prey, such as mice or rats. You can purchase frozen mice or rats from your local pet store, and thaw them before feeding them to your snake. 

2. Provide a warm hiding spot for your ball python. 

Ball pythons like to feel warm to stay healthy, so it’s important to provide a warm hiding spot for your pet at the right temperature. You can create a warm hiding spot by placing a heat lamp over one side of the pet’s enclosure. The heat lamp will create a warm basking area for your ball python. 


3. Handle Them As Much As Possible

Handling your ball python regularly will help them know you as their owner. This will also help them get used to you and reduce their stress levels when they are held. When handling your ball python, be sure to support its body and give them time to adjust to being held before moving them around too much. By doing this, they will remain healthy, happy and stress-free animals.


4. Keep your ball python’s enclosure clean. 

Another way to help your ball python grow big and healthy is to keep its enclosure clean and free from dirt. This means cleaning the cage regularly and changing the water frequently. A dirty enclosure can lead to health problems for your pet. Dirt may also lead to possible sickness causing them to lose weight, so it’s important to keep it clean! 


Final Thoughts

Ball pythons are beautiful animals which are worthy to keep as pets. If you’re thinking about getting one, just be sure that you’re prepared to provide them with adequate housing and care. With proper care, your ball python will be a loyal and loving companion for many years to come.

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